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It offers to update most of software installed in your PC quickly and easily
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With more and more programs used in our daily work on computers, not to mention plug-ins and various add-ons, managing them is harder and harder. New versions appear daily and keeping them all updated becomes a long and difficult task. Of course, lots of applications have auto updates, but this means more programs working in the background and using so much needed resources. Here comes CNET TechTracker, which offers to update most of software installed in your PC quickly and easily.

TechTracker is a hybrid application; a client, installed on the computer in order to do a fast scan of installed software, and a site, where a page with the scan results and recommended updates is displayed. In order to get the client you have to sign up to CNET site, which is free. The update process is easy, just click on the "update" link near each program in the list and the program will be downloaded automatically. There is also an option to report wrong software version or name in case of any errors in CNET database.

CNET TechTracker is a useful tool, especially if you have a lot of programs installed on your computer.

Dracopol Sebastian
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  • A fast way to update your software


  • Poor client interface with only few options.
  • Mandatory CNET free membership.
  • Some programs are not detected
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